Spaces still available for this summer’s California Ecology and Conservation course

Here is a timely announcement from the UC Natural Reserve System’s Program Coordinator about this summer’s California Ecology and Conservation course. This is a terrific course and they regularly visit Point Reyes Field Station as part of the course. Check it out!
We have a handful of spaces still available in the Fall 2018 offering of the UC Natural Reserve System field course, California Ecology and Conservation, so have extended the application deadline to May 8th! Applications can be found here
This relatively new program, launched in Fall 2015, has been a tremendous success. Over 200 students from across the UC system have gained strong independent scientific research skills while immersed in the training grounds of the UC natural reserves, from Big Sur to the Mojave Desert, from coastal redwoods to California grasslands to high altitude bristlecone pines. Check out this video to get glimpses of what students are calling the most rewarding experience in their undergraduate careers.
“I’ve never felt so confident in not only forming questions about the world around me, but also in my ability to turn those into testable hypotheses,” said a recent UC Davis student. “On top of that, I’ve learned so much about myself and gained confidence in my path. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many ‘best-day-of-my-life’ experiences in such a short period of time. I’m so much more confident that field ecology is the path for me! Between the connections and skills I’ve gained of the last 50 days, I couldn’t be more prepared.”
California Ecology and Conservation brings together 27 undergraduates from across the UC system for seven weeks of intensive learning at NRS reserves. Experienced field instructors help undergraduates transform into scientists. Students complete a series of increasingly independent research studies while learning to notice natural patterns, frame questions into feasible research projects, and practice standard field techniques. At the conclusion of each project, students analyze their data and present their findings in oral presentations and written reports. Students hone their research, public speaking, and scientific writing skills with constant practice and feedback. All the while, students gain a working familiarity with California’s diverse ecosystems.
All UC undergraduates who have a 2.5+ GPA, are in good standing with their home campus, and have successfully completed an introductory biology course are eligible to apply.
More information is available on the course website. As always, I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the program. 
Please distribute this email widely and share this exciting program with your students. I’ve attached two documents for you to share with students- one is a general flyer for you to print and post and the other lists how the course units map onto various degree programs at your campus.  If students from majors not listed are interested in taking the course, they can petition their departments to receive credits toward their major, minor, and GE requirements. Additional flyers can be found here
Thanks so much!
Erin Marnocha, PhD
Program Coordinator
UC Natural Reserve System


Point Reyes Field Station – a Berkeley-NPS partnership

Greetings! And welcome to the News page for Point Reyes Field Station.

We are incredibly pleased to announce that as of today, May 1, 2018, UC Berkeley and the National park Service signed an agreement to establish the Point Reyes Field Station. This is a significant day for Point Reyes Field Station and definitely an event worthy of being the first news piece on our website. 

Building on over one hundred years of collaboration between University of California Berkeley and the National Park Service, the Point Reyes Field Station extends this history by partnering with Point Reyes National Seashore. With the formalization of the partnership agreement, we are excited to expand our offerings and facilities to promote research, education, and outreach in the Seashore and other parks and open space in the region. We will share developments in this space so stay tuned!