Point Reyes Field Station – a Berkeley-NPS partnership

Greetings! And welcome to the News page for Point Reyes Field Station.

We are incredibly pleased to announce that as of today, May 1, 2018, UC Berkeley and the National park Service signed an agreement to establish the Point Reyes Field Station. This is a significant day for Point Reyes Field Station and definitely an event worthy of being the first news piece on our website. 

Building on over one hundred years of collaboration between University of California Berkeley and the National Park Service, the Point Reyes Field Station extends this history by partnering with Point Reyes National Seashore. With the formalization of the partnership agreement, we are excited to expand our offerings and facilities to promote research, education, and outreach in the Seashore and other parks and open space in the region. We will share developments in this space so stay tuned!