Make a reservation

Researchers, scholars in the humanities and arts, groups, and classes can submit an Application and/or a Reservation to use the Point Reyes Field Station via the UC Natural Reserve System’s Reserve Application Management System (RAMS). Please see our Use Guidelines page to make sure your visit will be considered appropriate use.  (One makes a Reservation within an Application.) To check availability for your dates of interest, see our calendar by navigating to RAMS, creating an account if needed, clicking on “Calendars” at the top, and selecting Point Reyes Field Station from the drop down menu.

All researchers making collections or conducting manipulative field experiments must have an approved current research permit from the appropriate entity (e.g., National Park Service, California State Parks, etc.) before staying at Point Reyes Field Station to perform research. Point Reyes Field Station does not issue or approve research permits.

All field station visitors must sign a liability waiver and completed and sign the COVID-19 safety protocol forms and symptom screeners. Please see our Waivers and COVID-19 Safety Protocol Information page for more information.