Hagmaier Ranch House – day use (per person, per day)$15.00$17.00$20.00$20.00
Hagmaier Ranch House – bunk bed (per person, per night)$25.00$28.00$28.00$30.00
Hagmaier Ranch House – private bedroom (per person, per night)$40.00$45.00$45.00$50.00
Campground – includes access to Hagmaier Ranch House (per person, per night)$15.00$18.00$18.00$20.00

Click here to submit an application or make a reservation in The UC Natural Reserve System’s Reservation Application Management System (new users must create a RAMS account). If you would like to make a reservation for overnight accommodations, please select bunk bed(s), double bed, or campground for your appropriate group size. If you would like to use the Hagmaier Ranch House for a meeting or classroom space during the day (with no overnight accommodation and no access to the bedrooms) then please select “day use.” Day use includes access to kitchen, wifi, bathrooms, etc.