Use Guidelines

Use of the Point Reyes Field Station must align with the objectives of the UC Natural Reserve System. The facilities are for research and teaching activities.  Research activities include any creative endeavor (science, poetry, art) that is communicated to the university community or the general public.

We maintain a reserve calendar and allow researchers and instructors to reserve use of the facilities in advance using the RAMS system.  We encourage people to reserve their stay well in advance. However, because the PRFS has such a limited capacity to house researchers, the PRFS staff reserves the right to cancel or move reservations for low priority activities in the event that a higher priority activity reservation comes in with sufficient notice (2 weeks).


Highest Priority Activities

Research that aligns with NPS priorities

Time-sensitive research tied to ephemeral or seasonal events

Long-term research including sampling events that need to be at certain dates


High Priority Activities

Any research or creative activity that is centered on PRNS property

Any teaching activity occurring on PRNS property


Low Priority Activities

Housing for researchers or classes doing work in the area but not actually on PRNS property

Meetings or Retreats for any UC organization (including laboratory groups, student groups, faculty groups, etc)

Use of facilities for academics to read, write, create art, etc.


Activities that will not be approved on an application

Research and Creative activities that will not be (or have a very low likelihood to be ever) communicated to the university community or to general public

Recreation, tourism

Use by a K-12 group that could otherwise be accommodated in a nearby facility or campground